Just get Scott Dann!

Arsenal has been looking for a solid defender ever since the start of the transfer market this season. Yes, we signed Carl Jenkinson but he’s just one for the future.

Firstly we were close to signing Phil Jones, but he just chose to join Manchester United instead. Considering Manchester United’s recent successes, no one can blame him.

The rumor of Gary Cahill has just been inconspicuous. First it seemed the rumor was pretty strong, and then the news just kept fading away. His transfer to Arsenal now seems highly unlikely

Then there was Christopher Samba, who was misquoted by The Sun that he expressed an interest to join Arsenal. He came back and quashed it furiously. He might as well be leaving Blackburn, but his price tag may just a bit too much for what he’s worth to Arsenal.

The first bid of 10m was turned down by Everton for Jagielka. He seems to be the most likely defender to join Arsenal as rumour has it that Wenger will re-bid for 15m. That would be an interesting dilemma for Moyes, and only patience will dictate this transfer.

What about Scott Dann? Arsenal has been linked with him for a while now. He was close to a switch to Stoke but it didn’t materialize in the last minute. From then on the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool have also joined the race. I know Birmingham was relegated last season, but they have always been a gritty defensive team. All the Premier League clubs last season found it hard to break the Birmigham defense, especially in St Andrews. The reason for that is both Roger Johnson and Scott Dann were rock solid in defense.

One thing is encouraging is that Wenger is only showing interest in Premier League defenders, those who have been performing consistently and are physically capable of handling the pressure week in and out. He’s not going to risk it with an overseas signing this time around.

If a 10m bid is enough to secure Scott Dann, then Wenger should put in some serious thought to getting the 24 year old centre-back to Arsenal. Let’s face it, time is running out and teams will be more and more hesitant to get rid of their first choice defenders as it’ll be even harder to replace them. Dann would be a strong back-up to both Vermaelen and Koscielny. He would also probably provide stiff competition to Squillaci for a run in the first team!



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  1. I entirely agree. Scott Dann would be a fantastic signing for Arsenal. Very powerful, tall and big, he would serve to cure Arsenal’s Achilles heel-aerial vulnerability. Birmingham were almost impregnable in the air, because of Dann and Johnson. With all due respect, Jagielka, experienced as he is, would not help solve Arsenal’s aerial weaknesses. He would be the shortest defender at Arsenal, standing at 5ft 11 inches tall, with squillaci at 6, Vermaelen at 6, Koscielny at 6 ‘1, and Djourou at 6 ‘3. I don’t even understand why Wenger should waste time trying to sign the Everton man. In fact in that case, I feel, the German Giant, Mertesacker is a much better option, as he has beter quality and much more experience, having played at two Euro tournaments, two World Cup tournaments and the Champions League, and, standing at 6 ‘6, despite having not played in the EPL before, he would be, for me, a far better option than Jagielka! So for me, it should be Cahill, Dann, Samba or Mertesacker and NOT JAGIELKA, he’s TOO short to solve the aerial problems Arsenal have, and TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

    • ian
    • August 6th, 2011

    who can blame him i can the dirty northern prick a bit like yourself really

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