Defensive Frailties Continue – Will Jagielka Save Us?

Arsenal couldn’t even win the Emirates Cup. This year our opponents were much weaker, and they still failed to win it. Two utterly disappointing draws.

It’s true that there weren’t too many goals either. The same old story, Arsenal creates countless opportunities but convert only a few. However, once the season starts we know Arsenal will start to convert more. Nobody has ever been in doubt over our attacking threat. Yet, while the defense disappointed us last season, it’s started failing us again this pre-season.

If our defense looks weak against the likes of Boca Juniors, New York Red Bulls and Hangzhou Greentown, how do you expect to contest for titles? Arsenal’s priority this year in the transfer market was clearly to go out and reinforce our defense, yet there has just been one defender entering the team. While our first choice LB in Clichy left, Wenger announced that our second choice LB was up for the task. Those who saw the match against NYRB would agree that Kieran Gibbs had no impact on the game whatsoever.

A month left in the transfer market, and Wenger will definitely sign a defender. He doesn’t want to name names, but it’s evident he will. The most likely transfer targets so far have been Phil Jagielka, Gary Cahill and Chris Samba. Will a Jagielka just come in and plug our leaking defense? I certainly hope so. I’m happy atleast Wenger is looking at center backs who are established in the Premier League rather than resorting to ones abroad.

If for some reason we don’t see a new defensive signing, or if it’s just a young defender like Carl Jenkinson, all hopes for the coming season are gone. Just a couple of injuries in the backline, and our season would be instantly over. The only thing we can hope for then is that we don’t turn into a Liverpool.

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  1. Hmm its hard to be optimistic when you put it so bluntly.However if we buy jagielka to partner vermaelen then we should be ok.You are right about gibbs though he is not ready to be our 1st choice left back(though at least he is better than the rubbish traore).If wenger keeps fab and samir than with a defender we can win the league.I have to say gervinho looks very good though and it was great to see Rvp lead the team out.Also happy and sad to see henry today a true legend but unfortunatly probably the last of his kind to play for arsenal in this modern day….except for maybe vermaelen wilshere sagna and van persie who actually seem loyal

    • sam
    • July 31st, 2011

    how can jagielka win us the league he never won one before.
    some players flop at big clubs and this guy is one of them….. scott parker.
    how about getting a good defensive coach first ? maybe bringing back keown or campbell.
    although a new addition is welcome but still won’t change anything.

    • Philbet
    • August 1st, 2011

    So another doom and gloom blog surfaces, I wonder why you bother if you want Arsenal to do badly so much,go out and support Chelsea and be happy.

    Hope we dont turn into Liverpool !! FFS.

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