Santi Cazorla – The Ideal Signing

I didn’t know much about Santi Cazorla before his name appearing on the Arsenal radar this week. He often comes off the bench for Spain, but we all know the supreme quality of even the Spanish reserves.

The reason his name is even appearing on the Arsenal rumor mill is clear – Wenger is preparing for Fabregas’s departure. As Mata and Hazard seem less to likely to come to Arsenal day by day, Wenger is looking for the other options.

Villareal’s Cazorla is strongly linked to a move to Malaga (the new Man City of the Spanish Primera), and his availability has sparked interest from elite clubs everywhere. However, is he worth his 20m valuation? Or more importantly, does he suit the Arsenal bill?

He looks to be the ultimate playmaker. Although a bit on the short side (height wise), he always creates his own space all over the field, and more importantly looking for the ball to come to him. Passing is exquisite, whether short or long balls. He does have the tendency to take some rash shots from distance, but his goal scoring record for Spain and at club level is decent. Take note that he’s quite fast too, so blending into the already fast-paced Arsenal side shouldn’t be a problem.

In the scenario that either Fabregas or Nasri leave, Cazorla could be the ideal signing for Wenger. Hopefully Malaga doesn’t snap him up quickly, and then Arsenal could race for his signature over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Wenger should get GARY CAHIL,PER MERTASAKAR and ALY CISSOKHO as Defenders.BASTIAN SHWASTERGAR as a Defensive midfielder.JUAN MATA and SANTI CAZORLA as midfielders and ROMELU LUKAKU as a striker.

      • Roy Nuzrat
      • July 24th, 2011

      Pronen, you missed Ronaldo and Messi. Wake up dude.

    • Cris
    • July 24th, 2011

    Pronen are you snorting Amy Winehouses leftovers?

  2. Wenger is our problem. Let him just leave the club and find elsewhere to coach. It’s true that he has done a good job at arsenal. He is only living on past glory. I wonder why a team that hasn’t win any trophy for the past six years would still be complacent buying good quality players.
    Often times, the board releases money to our darling coach but he returns at the end of the transfer window saying he did not see the right player to buy at the right price.
    We need a coach who is hungry for trophies and wants to make a landmark. Aside, varmelen, song, vampire, nasri (if he stays), wilshere, sagna, theo, and one or two others. Every other player isn’t of arsenal calibre if at all we want to win a trophy.

  3. Pronen…….you are a typical panic-attack,spend at all cost, fantasy Football plastic Gooner! We have 39+ players on our books and of those 25 are on the permanent FA list and the remaining 14 are all under 21 so don’t affect our numbers at all. What do you, in your ephemeral wisdom acquired while smoking your breakfast, suggest we do with all this talent waiting in line?

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