Why Wenger’s Latest Comments Do NOT Make Any Sense

“Certainly, we will have to find one more defender. I can promise we work very hard on it. In fairness, everybody looks for players.”

“I don’t want to comment individually because I do not want to destabilise clubs. I do not want to do to other clubs what Barcelona some clubs do to us so I wouldn’t like to comment individually on any player”

 “We still try to strengthen our side but I’m already very happy with what we show at the moment. If you look all around Europe at the different clubs there’s very little movement. I will all speed up in August I think.”

”We are traveling [toCologne] with 23 players and 3 goalkeepers. We have a big squad already”.

‘’Looking at [Abou] Diaby, [Cesc] Fabregas and [Emmanuel] Eboue, still behind plus [Nicklas] Bendtner still behind, that’s 27-28 players, we have a massive squad already, there’s very little movement at the moment.’’

These are the latest comments from our Boss, Arsene Wenger. Anyone else feel there’s something seriously faulty about those remarks?

First of all, was our squad good enough to win the league last season? I am talking about the whole squad, not just the first 11. The answer to that question is clearly a ‘NO’. So basically if we have players leaving that squad and they are not replaced, will that strengthen or weaken the squad? It will weaken it.

So far, to improve our squad we have bought Carl Jenkinson and Gervinho. If you think about it, the signing of Carl Jenkinson probably did improve our squad but it did not really correct anything that was wrong with it. Jenkinson is a rightback and as far as I know, our critical problems last season were NOT in that particular position. To be fairly honest, I have no problem with the Sagna/Eboue combo at right back. Point being, although I welcome the signing of this youngster, I feel that he did not really fix any of the problems with our squad. He is just a ‘good addition’.

Gervinho signing for us is different. From what I know, Gervinho is a winger and we did lack width last season. So if Gervinho is a proper winger (we will probably find out today vs FC Cologne), then he will improve and correct some of the problems in the squad. Apparently Gervinho can play as a striker too, so he can possibly fill the void if RVP and/or Chamakh are absent.

Now, IF everything remains the same and we do sign a new defender (as Wenger suggests above), then I would say we have a decent squad for next season. But it’s not all that simple is it?

The real complication arises when players have to leave the squad. So let’s see:

1)     Clichy and Denilson have already left for Mancity and Sao Paolo respectively

2)      Bendtner, Almunia and possibly Eboue to leave imminently

3)      Either Cesc or Nasri or both to leave soon

So basically, FIVE players are guaranteed to be out of our squad next season. And although Arsenal fans are tearing up their hair with anxiety and fear, Wenger is ‘already happy’ with the situation!

He mentions that we have a huge squad already. Ok, but isn’t this pretty much the same squad as last season? Using just logic, nay, common sense, even a retarded person can point out the flaw in Wenger’s comments.

Is he trying to say that the squad, which is the same as last season, has improved so much  that he does not need any new additions? Is that even possible? It’s been just around 3 months since the season ended. In just three months, how much could a player have possibly improved?!

Players like Diaby, Rosicky and RVP will probably be out for long periods during next season as it has been for last few seasons. There will surely be other unpredictable casualties like that of Vermaelen last season. If you deduct five players from that squad, then surely it is something to be alarmed about.

As a wise man once said ‘Always prepare for the worst’, we should too, especially after seven years of failure. But so far, all that I  see is faulty optimism. Wenger is gambling at a time when the stakes are higher than ever. All I can do is just close my eyes and hope it somehow pays off.

    • dave highbury
    • July 23rd, 2011

    A wiser man once said “always be prepared for THE BEST” Arsenal are the best in the premiership. BIG UP THE GOONERS. BIG UP THE AWAY CROWD

    • dondada
    • July 23rd, 2011

    Personally, I think he has done well in d tranfer window apart frm being yet to sign a defender. D market is overpriced nw until closing stages. Defense is key 4 arsenal dis season as we r a better attackin side dan our rivals( c hw long it took torres 2 score). Bt I wil also suggest a def midfielder possibly in jan transfer window. losing stages. Defense is key 4 arsenal dis season as we r a better attackin side dan our rivals( c hw long it took torres 2 score). Bt I wil also suggest a def midfielder possibly in jan transfer window.

      • Haider
      • July 23rd, 2011

      That’s what I said. We need more than one defender. We obviously need a new CB to partner Vermaelen. We need to replace Clichy as Gibbs and Traore are risky and simply not ready yet. A DM, as you mentioned, is also required since Denilson is not here anymore.

    • josef
    • July 23rd, 2011

    You only mention two people who have actually left. Almunia is down the pecking order for keepers, so his loss would be no problem, and with Gervinho, Chamack and RVP, Bendtner would not be seeing much game time anyway. I do not know what makes you think Eboue is leaving, but I’ll believe it when I see it. As for Cesc and Nasri, we’ll see. I am doubtful that either will leave, but if they do it’ll be for a significant fee and I expect that would be reinvested. I would not argue against more signings (shame Vidal went to Juve, I thought he’d be excellent) but I don’t think the situation is dire.

      • Haider
      • July 23rd, 2011

      You missed the point. I was saying that a number of players would be leaving and even if they are less important members of the squad, they should be replaced. Wenger hardly acted in the transfer market so far but makes comments such as ‘I am happy with the current squad’. So after seven years of failure, he seemed to have learnt nothing. As for Nasri and Fabregas, I am pretty sure at least one of them will leave.

    • wankerwengermustgo
    • July 23rd, 2011

    Close your eyes all you want – Wenger’s gamble won’t pay off. Lets face it – the state of the world economy and the ensuing inflationary pressures have affected the football world as well. Its just that Wenger cannot get used to what he perceives are huge asking prices! But he reckons he has the right to demand exorbitant value for our players … the irony is lost on him. So we will end up with much the same squad as we had last season. We will be fighting relegation in the coming season – and finally in June/July 2012 we will see the back of this maniac Frenchman who has clearly lost the plot and the right to manage Arsenal. Hang in there folk – just 1 more frustrating season to go!

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