Get Rid of Arshavin

We know Juventus as the club who have been constantly trying to unsettle Robin Van Persie by showing an interest in him for the past couple of years. Ofcourse, they failed miserably. Robin Van Persie has Gunners blood now, so he’s not fazed by that sort of stuff too much. Juve have finally turned their attention to another Arsenal favourite Andrei Arshavin.

I’m not actually sure whether Arshavin has become an ‘Arsenal favourite’. I personally like him a lot, but quite a few fans still don’t think he should start as regularly as Wenger makes him. Recently, he’s been missing easy chances which should’ve been scored and could’ve changed the scenario of the match.

Arshavin’s role in the team will certainly change over the next few months. Assuming our midfield and attacking options are injury free (fingers crossed), he will definitely have to find a place in the Arsenal bench more often. With Nasri and Walcott playing so well, I don’t see Wenger placing Arshavin as the ‘genuine’ starter anymore. Is the Russian captain happy with a more subdued bench role for Arsenal? I’m not too sure.

Andrei Arshavin joined us in January 2009 and has made the starting lineup on a regular basis. Therefore, he has definitely contributed to any of the successes and failures we have had as a team over these last two years.

What if a bid were to come for Arshavin? How much is he even valued at the club? Should he be sold if the bid is much higher than we expected? I’m not saying Arshavin should be sold now. The more quality players like him we have in the squad, the more likely we are going to win any silverware this season.

He is 29 now and should definitely be at his peak right now. However, he doesn’t seem to be at his best and we probably won’t see any drastic improvements in his game in the near future. So let’s be realistic, as Arshavin is not irreplaceable. If a situation like that was to arise, Wenger should spare some thought.

    • Donnyfan1
    • November 30th, 1999

    I have a theory and it is that Andy is going blind. I defy anyone- other than a KGB agent working for Abramovitch- to direct as many passes to the opposition as he has done in the last month. He also looks overweight. If AW can get his money back- let him go and play Vela/Ramsey. PLEASE!

    • kc
    • January 13th, 2011

    Hell No! Arshavin is just out of form ffs. Who wasn’t yesterday I might add.

    • ayipochem
    • January 13th, 2011

    Arsha is losing focus in every game he plays now. Let him watch from the bench for some while and see if he improves on his game or he’s heading out.

    • Kappy Ng Chi Tung
    • January 15th, 2011

    If Arshavin doesn’t give his heart out to Arsenal,we should let him go!He had showed his love to Barca before he moved to Arsenal!It may be a good idea for Barca movement!

  1. Loved your posting a lot. I’ll be browsing your website regularly

  2. As Arsene said, players have up and down, andrey looks uncertain for some times now and unfortunatly it affects the whole team, however, the man as an eye and when on fire we all know that he can be lethal. About silling the player? I would say yes but only in the summer as Arsenal is still in all competitions, we need valid players, players that already know each other and he can still come back to his best

  1. January 14th, 2011

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