It’s time for revenge Barca, ‘cause revenge is sweet

Oh let’s cut the crap. We all knew who we were going to face next. Admitted that we ‘wished’ for something else but deep inside our fragile hearts we knew that it was time- time for revenge.

Some Arsenal fans are already moaning about how unlucky we are and that we can never win against a side like Barcelona. Really? If Arsenal fans feel like that then we seriously do not deserve to be in the Champion’s league. What’s the point of playing in the Champion’s League if we do not have the guts to face Europe’s top teams? It defeats the purpose, really. If not now, then when? We would eventually have to play them anyway. After playing in this elite competition for 13 seasons consecutively, we should be able to cope with this type of pressure. If Arsenal can ‘beat any other team’, why won’t it be able to beat Barcelona?

Arsenal are the underdogs in this match up. I know some fans prefer that we stay underdogs but frankly speaking, I don’t want us to be underdogs anymore. Why you say? Because I think Arsenal deserve more than just being a good club playing good football. I want Arsenal to be a club that puts fear into even the most elite clubs. I don’t want opponents claiming that they ‘rather face Arsenal than Chelsea or Manutd’. You know why people keep saying things like that? Because Arsenal never won the Champion’s League before. Yes, we went to the final once but ask any neutral footy fan if he or she remembers that game. I bet the answer would be ‘no’.

Arsenal are really unlucky. We again face Barca at the Emirates first. Personally, I would have preferred an away game to start with. That way we actually know where we stand when Barca come to play in our turf. It gives us the mental edge. But no, that won’t happen because lady luck’s a friggin’ Barca fan!

The one man who will be a key player for this tie is obviously our skipper Cesc Fabregas. He has to step up soon. I do not know what’s wrong with the chap. Before his injury he seemed very rusty. He made his comeback against Manutd the other day and he seemed even rustier. I mean, at a game like that adrenaline alone should make him be on his toes. But no, Cesc Fabregas’ 65% pass completion rate off the bench made him the most wasteful Arsenal player on the pitch. But the game is at the end of February and he has time to recover. But he has to step it up for this game, not just to the next level but to his maximum level.

At the end of the day, though, this is the biggest and the toughest game for Arsenal so far this season. I know revenge itself is not a good enough reason to play this game. But our pride is at stake this time. I am fed of us being the weaker of the two clubs playing the same way. I want us to be the best at what we do. I believe so, but the world does not. It’s time to put an end to this once and for all. Arsenal shall not only beat Barcelona, but go to win it all the way as well. Let’s keep believing, because it will make us stronger.

  1. Hi! What a great write-up! Yes the revenge is oh so sweet. I just hope they stop flashy football because against this gigantic team, they’ve no time to play tricks and just take the shot.

    With regards to Cesc’s rustiness, I hate to admit that I agree with you whole heartedly. He is my favourite and he was the reason why I chose to dump liverpool and support arsenal since three years ago when he started to show us some spark, along with Thierry. However ever since his comeback from the World Cup, I don’t see him like how he used to be. I couldn’t recognise shots he take being his like how they were before this season, if you get my drift.

    His misses, careless passes and horrible shots just never fail to disappoint me match after match but of course, there were moments when his golden assists work into goals for the team.

    I just hope he works his way back up again. Meh.

    Great article written my friend!

    Cheers! X!

      • Haider
      • December 17th, 2010

      haha, thanks for the compliment, mate. Appreciate it 🙂

      Yes, cesc has been doing nothing compared to last season. I hope it’s only the injury though. But hey, I am sure a match again Barca will awaken him!

    • ricky
    • December 17th, 2010

    Do they have open-hand slaps on your planet? If they do you could really use one, slap you back into reality, as it were.

    You’re a fan, I get it, but reality tends to trump fandom. Did you see Barcelona-Madrid, and then subsequently Man U-Arsenal?

    Gunners have no shot.

    • Haider
    • December 17th, 2010

    I understand your concern. But, we cannot just use the manutd-chelsea game as a route to judge what will happen against barca.

    Whatever happened against manutd should be forgotten. That was not the real Arsenal. I never said arsenal are a perfect team and neither did i say we do not need changes.

    What i’m saying is that we should not let go of the belief that we can beat them. If we do that, we might as well forfeit the match right now. The game’s in february. Alot will change by then. If you are an arsenal fan, don’t lose hope. We still have everything to play for. 🙂


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