Arsenal faces Manchester United: The anxiety ‘almost’ over

There has been so much speculation surrounding this fixture, that it’s been tough to follow ‘all’ of it for an average Arsenal fan like me. This just builds up to the intensity, and shows how badly both teams want to come out as the victorious ones.

Everyone seems to have had their say. Some a bit outspoken, while others simply reiterating the already known. Let’s sum up what’s been said so far.

Evra has possibly made himself the most hated figure to the whole Arsenal community by calling our club a ‘training centre’. Park Ji Sung questions our ability to win, partly due to inexperience. Sagna came up with a statement to just hit back at Evra’s unnecessary criticism (thank you Bacary). Nasri has said that he’s not afraid of Manchester United as they are much weaker offensively than they were before. Clichy has spread a strong signal of intent by saying that Arsenal are ready to change their tactical style of play, in order to beat United. The funniest comment, in my opinion was when Darren Fletcher came out of nowhere and tells the press that he’s not a ‘dirty player’ like Wenger has so before. I’m sorry Darren, but find a better excuse to get on the news (I don’t think even Man United fans care about what he says). Wenger and Ferguson on the other hand, have both come out with ‘respectful’ comments. They are two managers that have persisted in the Premier League for so long, and we all know how they must really feel like inside when it’s time they go head-to-head.

All of these comments seem to be insignificant now. After a few hours when the whistle blows for kick-off, none of these players will remember what has been said. All that will matter is the 90 mins of football that will determine the winners of this clash.

What really ticked me off today was when I was talking to one of my friends who is a hardcore Man Utd fan. He was telling me that even Tottenham are better than Arsenal now (nobody goes there). That’s where the Man Utd fans confidence level is. They criticise Arsenal before talking about the strength of their own team. You can’t blame a Man Utd fan. We have no one to blame but ourselves for not winning a trophy for so long. However, what my friend was also saying is that Manchester United are a ’10 star’ team in FIFA 11 and Arsenal aren’t. Well on that matter, I just want to tell all the Man Utd fans that the only reason their legendary team gets 10 stars nowadays is because they make Wayne Rooney one of the best strikers in the game. I won’t blame FIFA 11 on that either, because they didn’t know that Wayne Rooney wouldn’t score a proper goal for United in 5 months!

To be honest, I can’t be bothered about all that title race and mentality stuff when it comes to United. All I want is for the Gunners to go out there and beat them, whether it’s at Old Trafford or not.

I don’t know how Wenger motivates his players before the match starts. I just want to tell all the Arsenal players that in order to be champions, we must feel like champions. Be a champion tonight. Go out there, and make us proud.

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