Is Arshavin back?

Who in the Arsenal team do all the Arsenal fans regard as lazy, uninspiring and low in team spirit? Most probably Andrei Arshavin. Our Russian international, who is an evident Barcelona fan and isn’t used to playing in the cold, hasn’t really lived up to expectations recently.

Who do you least expect to step up to plate when squad morale is low after a week of terrible results? Probably Arshavin again. This time, he hits us all fans aback with a cracker of a performance.

Arshavin’s goal against Aston Villa was crucial. Although Arsenal were dominating from the kick-off, we were frustrated by not being able to convert the chances that were coming our way. That’s when Arshavin’s precise finish to the bottom right corner broke the shackles. Soon after he produced an insightful pass to break Samir Nasri free one-on-one with the goal keeper which Nasri missed (and shouldn’t have especially after the angle he beat to score in the Tottenham game earlier). He did however manage to assist Nasri later in the first half with a corner kick. Not only that, he did manage to make some brilliant runs on the counter to pose a constant threat to the Villa defense. Although it was a great team effort, he did enough to be the MoM.

Was his performance enough to prove that he’s back to form? Maybe, but there are still quite a few important games coming up in December. It was still great to see Arshavin play so well and take control against a Villa side who always tend to nick results off.

Andrei Arshavin v Aston Villa

Arshavin has always been one of my favourite players since I saw him play in Euro 2008. I’m so glad that he’s scored after a 9 game goal drought. Hopefully this will get him back on the goal trail. We desperately need him to.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not going to change too much. He will still be that lazy character always getting that odd assist and poking out for goals.

We can’t really expect all our Arsenal players to give their 100% every game. Arshavin certainly does not have the Gunner ‘spirit’ bursting through his veins. Our team still needs him. He’s a genuine match winner and has the ability to show flashes of brilliance at the most unexpected of times.  That’s probably why Arsene Wenger plays him game in and out, because you never know when his day is.

    • Sammy
    • November 28th, 2010

    “Who in the Arsenal team do ALL the Arsenal fans regard as lazy, uninspiring and low in team spirit?”

    Please, gimme a break! Not ALL the so called Arsenal “fans” are Arshavin haters. Just the ones with pea-sized, dysfunctional brains who pretend to understand football. Fortunately Wenger is not one of those (as he starts Arshavin whenever he is fit) and neither am I.

    They guy has had some injury problems. His form mainly dipped last year when he was played as the Centre Forward in the most physical league in the world. Inspite of that he has had numbers assists, goals and moments of magic. When he is on fire, he can win the game on his own! I think his best is still to come; and the only way to get his best is by playing him!

    So to all the wankers who kept on endlessly critisicing Arshavin – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Sharjil
    • November 28th, 2010

    Maybe I shouldnt have said ‘all’. Although most fans do seem to criticise his attitude on and off the pitch. Great to see a true Arshavin fan like you 🙂

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